Frequently asked questions


To post a job, you need to open an Employer account by registering as an Employer. Once you have your verified account, you may post jobs by clicking on "Post a Job" at the dashboard.
Currently, all Employers may post a maximum of 2 jobs for free which will run for 30 days. For unlimited job postings and featured company postings, applicable fees will apply. Register or Sign Up to see Packages & Rates in your Employer dashboard.
As of the moment, we do not offer this service yet. However, it is in the works and we will update you once it is ready.
To apply for a job, you need to open a Jobseeker account by registering as a Jobseeker. Once you have your verified account, update your profile and fill in your resume details or upload your resume file. We recommend filling in your details for better searchability. Then, using the search box, type in the keywords for the industry, location or type of job you are interested in. You may also click on the Companies tab to see the available job openings based on the companies. Then click on "Apply" button.
As soon as you get hired, simply sign into your account to access your dashboard. Then look for "Available for Employment" Tab at the upper portion and slide the tab to Off. Simply slide to on again when you are job searching again.
Whenever you apply for a job, it will automatically be included in "My JOb Applications" at your jobseeker dashboard. Simply click on the "My Job Applications" Tab to view the jobs you have applied for.